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GreenSelect Phytosome Raises HGH Up To 321%

Green tea has multiple bioactive polyphenolic structures that have been shown to promote health, lower oxidation and improve body composition. Clinical Strength Secretogogue-Gold® contains a clinical dose of a novel form of green tea called GreenSelect Phytosome that has been shown in clinical research to be five times more bioavailable than normal green tea. In a groundbreaking clinical trial, DiPierro and colleagues+ tested the human growth hormone (HGH) elevating benefits of supplementing with GreenSelect Phytosome for 90 days in a population of overweight adults on a caloric deficit diet. Results showed that test subjects experienced a dramatic 321% increase in HGH levels. These results demonstrate that this key active ingredient in Clinical Strength Secretogogue-Gold® can significantly increase HGH levels, as well as help support fat loss.

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GreenSelect Phytosome